WISHpro™ Treats Skin Well Below The Surface

Healthy skin feels great and is the result of a continual state of renewal. New skin cells are constantly emerging. Nourishing those new cells before they emerge makes them healthy and robust. To reach them, nutrients and treatments must be driven below the surface.

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"Impressive immediate results, look forward to the cumulative benefits."
Dara Lynn, Brooklyn Park

WISHpro Gets Into Your Skin with Magnetic Infusion Technology

Aging affects the processes which keep our skin vibrant, firm and healthy. Circulation to the individual skin cells slows. Reduced circulation limits the nutrition delivered to the cell, which further reduces circulation. This begins a spiraling cycle of skin decay and wrinkles.

WISHpro uses non-invasive Magnetic Infusion Technology to defeat this cycle by driving specialized cosmetic formulations into the deeper levels of the skin to treat the cells and restore circulation and nutrition. These natural formulations evoke the skin's natural healing processes resulting in healthier, firmer, younger-looking skin.

Magnetic Infusion Technology

Alternating magnetic fields in the WISHpro drive the selected formulation deep into the skin while the wand transforms the magnetic energy into light or electric current depending on the which treatment is selected.
All treatments with the WISHpro use multiple methods (modalities) that treat the skin in multiple ways.

Face2Face Skincare is the only place in Minnesota you can get WISHpro treatments!

Skin Conditions Treated

Aging, Wrinkles, Expression Lines

facial reduce wrinkles

reduce crow's feet st. paul minneapolis roseville


reduce and treat acne st. paul minneapolis roseville


Hyperpigmentation from sun damage or other sources can also be effectively treated.

Magnetic Infusion Facial Treatment Options Include:

Combine With Other Treatments

WISHpro treatment can be used alone or along with most other regular priced skin care treatments
on the service menu.

Single WISHpro Infusion Treatment $75
(Series recommended; 15% discount on any package of 3 of more)