Cynthia Kretschmar and the Face2Face Way

Healthy Skin, Beautiful Skin... Naturally.

Your skin health is at the core of everything we do. Beauty, confidence, and feeling great are natural outcomes of healthy skin. Your skin has natural rejuvenating, restorative abilities. When you keep those natural abilities working at their best, all the other things you want from your skin will be a natural outcome.

First We Listen

When you're face-to-face with someone, listening is the best thing you can do. It's your skin. What are your concerns? What are your hopes and expectations for professional skin treatment? What are your goals? How does your skin health affect your life? An esthetician needs to know these things. When we know how best to serve you, we then offer professional, experienced direction on how you can acheive your goals.

A Natural Approach to Esthetics

Your skin wants to be healthy. Continual restoration is its natural function. Natural products and gentle procedures work with your skin to help it do what it wants to do naturally. Harsh products and techniques can force the skin to respond outside of its natural rhythms and processes; these can produce short-term results but can also lead to long-term damage. There's no need to force the skin to do what it wants to do naturally.

TODAY Show Investigates Natural Skin Care Movement


Amazing Esthetic Products

After decades of work in the skin care industry and using a vast array of products, Face2Face knows what works and what doesn't. The products that are used on your skin are well researched, natural products from experts and "legends" in the skin care industry. They were carefully selected from an enormous array of options. These products are simply the best for long-term skin health and helping your skin age gracefully. Some of those products are also available for your daily home-care routine.

Serving the Whole Person; Helping Others

We know that the condition and health of your skin influences your confidence and sense of self worth. We believe that healthier skin results in healthier people. Whether it's treating acne, or hyperpigmentation, or just helping skin age gracefully, we know it's not just healthier skin that will result. Greater confidence impacts your relationships, career, and outlook.

To extend our reach beyond our skin care studio, we also give 5% of our revenue to help stop human trafficking. You will not only feel great about your skin, you can know that a portion of what you pay will be used to free women all over the world from sexual slavery.

Committed to Your Long-Term Results

After your free skin analysis, careful records are kept to track your progress over time. You can trust Face2Face to care for your skin as it ages, helping its natural restorative abilities keep your skin as healthy as possible through the years. As your skin changes, we will continually adjust your treatements and home-care product selection to precisely match your skin's needs.

Cynthia Kretschmar, B.S., L.E.

"A well educated esthetician, with a solid understanding of peptide bonds and related chemistry, has in her hands the power to change a person's life."
Michael Pugliese of Circadia

With over 25 years experience working in skin care and makeup, Cynthia has discovered that skin treatments do not have to be harsh or painful to provide dramatic results. She is a dedicated professional esthetician whose passion for skin care has helped hundreds of women overcome unwanted skin conditions allowing them to be confident and age gracefully.

After serving as Director/VP and teacher at Barbizon Modelling School, she began working for Lancôme cosmetics as a skincare/cosmetic consultant and at Neiman Marcus representing other prestigious cosmetic lines. To pursue her passion for natural, healthy skin care, she obtained her MN license in esthetics and a B.S. degree in business management. She worked as an esthetician for a year in a salon and several years in a medspa before opening Face2Face Skincare.

Cynthia continues her esthetics education through the International Dermal Institute and other top post-graduate classes  with advanced training in adult acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, and advanced exfoliation including microdermabrasion and peels.

Member of the Associated Skincare Professionals, Aesthetic International Association, & National Association of Professional Women.

Aesthetic International Association

Associated Skincare Professionals

National Association of Women Professionals

Cynthia has great knowledge of the face and skin.

Lori V., Bloomington


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