Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking

There are women all over the world who come face-to-face with sexual slavery as a result of human trafficking - the United States is not excluded.

Face2Face Skincare donates 5% of all sales to Shared Hope International who rescues and restores trafficking victims. Your business with Face2Face Skincare helps.

Rescue and Restoration

In the same way that your skin can be restored, so can the lives and spirits of women affected by human trafficking. One time congresswoman, Linda Smith, was on a trip to India when she encountered victims of human trafficking. It was a life-changing moment for her; she left congress and founded Shared Hope International. She tells the story in her book, "From Congress to the Brothel."

If you would like to help further, please visit the Shared Hope International website and see how you can support their efforts.





Humnan trafficking